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Instituted in March 2005, Sniper Solutions Inc. strives to provide superior and economic transcription service to clients of all sizes with unswerving commitment to quality and client relationships. In order to render incessant and seamless service 24x7x30x365, we have our core operations in India which helps us to better utilize the time zone differences thus ensuring to-the-dot industrial standards and a faster turnaround time. We have, as our base, the bustling city of Coimbatore, South India which is on the way to securing a place of prominence in the IT map. Here we-have our state-of-the art facility which is the home to a bevy of well-qualified medical transcriptionists and quality personnel. True to our motto "acta non verba" we believe more in action than words. Come and experience the Sniper advantage.

Sniper Solutions believes firmly in Quality Assurance, Turnaround Time, and Client Confidentiality, and also in providing a professional work environment and ethical work culture, to achieve our goal of becoming market leaders in Medical Transcription.

Meet Our Team

The most striking feature of Sniper is our core team of medical transcriptionists, quality personnel and systems professionals. Our strength is an enviable amalgam of the expertise of experienced, well trained, responsible, and dedicated medical language specialists with creative and innovative information technology professionals. Transcriptionists who are trained and monitored closely for quality control to provide accurate and timely transcription are the backbone of our HIPAA compliant medical transcription service. Our team includes board-certified physicians, transcriptionists, many with over 10 years of individual experience, and dedicated systems engineers.

Sniper Solutions

33/1 Lakshmi Nagar East Ganapathy PO, Coimbatore - 641006

+91 422 4364669, +91 98420 57848


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