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You can be forward or upload your digital recorded files in our secure FTP web server, it is very simple, just drag your file and put it into the FTP folder or you can send via email.

You can get back your transcriptions in any type of format that you required. You can directly download your finished transcription file from our secure FTP server. Other options like print fax or email.

Payment can be made by either by credit card, bank check, wire transfer, Google.com or PayPal. Billing cycle is either bi-monthly or monthly.

No, every transcription is done by your experts to ensure safety and proper management of patient information.

The turn-around time is from 12-24 and 48 hours.

Site maintenance is more importance after the development of new site. Adding fresh content, updating the existing content, deleting irrelevant content keeps your website looking fresh and up-to-date. For e.g. posting news regarding your company regularly, new products, jobs available and other corporate information.

Depending upon the requirement the time taken to complete a website varies.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is pipeline transferring files from your local PC to your web server. When you purchase a hosting package, with the help of “FTP details” (username & password) you can sent the files to us.

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