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Medical Transcription

Sniper Solutions is one of the trusted Medical Transcription Company providing its valuable transcription services to healthcare providers across India, United States of America, Ireland, Canada and other countries. A huge number of features make our medical transcription services the good choice for your medical transcription needs. Our employees are trained to follow all rules and norms of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We provide the most advanced transcription service with cost effective and quick turnaround time.

At Sniper Solutions, our medical transcription team is highly skilled and well experienced in this field. We concentrate more on the medical typing service to bring accurate transcribe medical records without any error. We use a reliable hardware and appropriate software, to ensure all the medical transcriptions are done in a secure way. We almost handle all specialties of transcription especially Psychiatry, Dermatology, and Radiology. Every transcript is completed by the transcribers and the final report is checked for its consistency. Transcribed reports can be converted to required formats as specified by the client.

Completely HIPAA compliant medical transcription solutions!

Medical Billing

At Sniper Solutions, you can get a quality medical billing services with reduced cost and increased efficiency. We offer an end-to-end Medical Billing Solution that assists medical professionals in all the ways. We can handle each and every step in right manner including submission of claims, following-up pending claims, initiating collections, finding reason for denials of claims, and billing patient's balances. We have team of skilled people, who will take care of all your needs related to the medical billing and maximize your collections with low cost.

Claims are mostly denied due to incorrect data entry and coding. Sniper Solutions solves the denials of claims by concentrating more on correct data entry and reduces the number of denials. Our medical billing team handle Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, POS, EPO, PPO, PIP, Worker‘s Compensation and private indemnities.

We undertake:

Medical Coding

Sniper Solutions has always been an outstanding provider of medical coding service to the healthcare providers. We support physicians and healthcare organizations with specialized coding experts to optimize their payments. We assign diagnosis, procedure coders and modifiers as per the requirements of our clients and follow all current coding guidelines. Our data entry team is fully HIPAA Complaints and our coders are trained on ICD-9/ICD 10, CPT, and HCPCS to handle all your medical coding requirements. We ensure the quality of coding by effective auditing method.

Sniper Solutions Medical Coding meets the main needs of hospital, medical practices and freestanding ambulatory surgical centres. We have quality coders, auditors and HIM professionals will take care every step of process to provide the best results to our clients. Our accurate coding makes medical record management process more cost -effective and reliable.

Specialities Covered

Sniper Solutions provides all type of medical coding services starting from simple outpatient coding to comprehensive inpatient coding.

We covers the following major specialities:

EMR / EHR Data Entry

Sniper Solutions offers you quality EMR Data Entry services which is cost effective and time-bounded. Healthcare department requires utmost accuracy in the data entry work. So, we use latest technology to enter accurate data from the given documents and offer an excellent data entry services. Our EMR data entry work related to the patient like insurance, claims, chart information, account information, diagnosis, doctor’s notes, reimbursement data, doctor’s notes needs to get documented. We can easily transfer your materials in both FTP and email mode.

We have a team of specialist who are well skilled to work on bulk data entry process. We planned our project and manage patient data and records in a right way. We offer an error free data entry within the stipulated timeline. We have huge clients around the world who continuously support us to be the high quality data entry service provider in this field.

Our data entry services find a place across different domains:

Interview Transcription

We are the professional interview transcription service provider with quick turnaround time, affordable and outstanding customer care. Interview transcription is a method of transferring the question- answer conversion between the two or more people into textual format. You can send us the interview recording in any type of formats both digital and non-digital format, we easily provide the accurate solution for you. We clear understand your needs and provide more importance of privacy for your documents, so upload your file in a secure way to eliminate the missing of information.

We have excellent transcribers who spend more time and effort in the conversion process, so automatically we save our client’s time and energy. Our well trained staffs have enough experience in handling various types of interview transcriptions who maintain a consistent format and quality.

We covers the following major specialities:

Media Transcription

Media Transcription is a fast growing industry and we provide a variety of professional media transcription processes. We consider the needs of our clients and deliver a premium quality media transcript. For conversion of films, podcasts, television shows, reality shows, news and any other media transcription, we give more importance to meet your needs with actual formatting, time coding and any other customizations necessary. With the proper discussion of your requirements, we provide cost- effective solution. We use latest specialized software to produce exceptional quality media transcript.

Our Media Transcription service covers:


Any type of audio format can be converted like AS, DSS, WAV, MP3, MP4, MOV, AIFF, RA, MPEG4, MSV, DVF, MP2, VOX and WMA amongst others.


Video transcript includes analog videotapes, DVD’s, Webcasts, Podcasts, YouTube videos, Video blogs and etc.

Sniper Solutions

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